Corporate system and controls

Our principles are making sure that people at Wixenergy is following the Corporate Principles, Policy and Code

Corporate Principles,
Policy and Code

All Wixenergy personel are required to conform to clearly articulated standards and procedures in relation to the management of health, safety, environment and community (HSEC) concerns. Standards are enshrined in our HSEC Policy and HSEC Business Principles. Wixenergy’s Cide of Business Conduct sets out the ethical and responsible behaviours expected of all personel. Mandatory adherence to the Code is monitored by Wixenergy’s Compliance Departement.

Independent Inspection
and Assurance

Wixenergy and its counterparties appoint independent inspectors to supervise all transfers of hydrocarbons, water washings and waste.

Inspectors fulfil the following tasks:

  • Providing quality assurance

  • Testing products to ensure they meet the agreed specification

  • Retaining samples for archive purposes

  • Mediating disputes

  • Reporting bad practices