Wixenergy is a physical trader
that buys, transports, stores, blends and delivers oil internationally

We source oil from a variety of counterparties including privately-owned production companies, public production companies, oil majors and national oil companies

Our People

Our people are our most important asset. The key driver of our success is our multinational team that works all-inclusively, leading to innovative trade solutions. Our staff is composed of talented professionals who are energetic, empowered, engaged and customer-oriented. As we are growing rapidly, we continue to attract high-performing individuals locally and internationally.

Our Activities

The global trade in energy resources and oil-based products is complex and sophisticated – prices change constantly and so does demand. Our traders monitor market information continuously and talk to brokers, refinery staff and the people based in our production operations. They have to be ready to make sound business decisions at a moment’s notice.

We create value for our customers in numerous ways, including deploying blending capabilities to ensure we meet the requirements of fleet owners and refiners. We also use our expertise and market reach to help sellers optimise the value of their streams.

How we add value?
We source commodities and products from our global supplier base and sell them to customers all over the world.

Blending and Processing

We blend and process commodities and products to meet the specific needs of industrial consumers.

Storage and Logistics

We store and ship commodities and products as needed via our global network of assets – both to add value and to maximise arbitrage.


We make money from arbitrage – in other words, buying commodities and products at a certain price and selling them at a predictably higher price, considering our costs.


We source commodities and products in one place, ship them and then sell them at a higher price in another location.


We buy commodities and products at a certain time and sell them at a higher price at a different time.


We buy commodities and products, add value by blending and processing them and then sell them for a higher price.

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