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We Buy, Transports, Store, Blend and Delivers Oil Internationally.
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We are focused on real-time trading that creates real, long-term value. Before crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas, Naphtha and other valued commodities can be put to good use, they must be bought, sold and transported. That is where we come in.
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Fuel Oil

Fuel oil, which is the residue from distilling crude oil during the refining process, refers to a range of the least volatile and heaviest of the commercially used fuels.

Middle Distillates

Middle distillates are used primarily as fuel for heating, lighting and transporting globally


LPG refers not to a single gas but to a group of flammable hydrocarbon gases which are liquefied through pressurisation.


Naphtha is the main feedstock for the petrochemical industry to manufacture petroleum components, such as olefins and aromatics.

We Source Petroleum Products globally.

All in-bound fuel transfers are subject to rigorous testing by independent inspectors and we require all trading partners to observe their legal and regulatory obligations, and oppose corruption, market abuse and unethical business practices.

Under our Know Your Counterparty (KYC) procedures, our compliance officers conduct due diligence for each new counterparty. These checks support our anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies.

Our Principles
Our principles are making sure that people at Wixenergy is following the Corporate Principles, Policy and Code. And Wixenergy supports Independent Inspection and Assurance.
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Corporate Policy

All Wixenergy personnel are required to conform to clearly articulated standards and procedures in relation to the HSEC concerns.

Independent Inspection

Wixenergy and its counterparties appoint independent inspectors to supervise all transfers of hydrocarbons, water washings and waste.

International Best
Practices and Regulatory Frameworks

The hazards associated with the delivery and transfer of hydrocarbons are addressed by controls and good operating practices

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